Origins: Earth Dreaming

Designed by Dion Devow, 2018 Australian Capital Territory Australian of the Year, the GEO Week 2019 logo ‘Earth Dreaming’ has influences from Indigenous Australian art and culture, both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Australia has two Indigenous peoples, and these peoples have had a major role in observing, nurturing and taking care of country in a harmonious fashion for thousands of years. Earth Dreaming is a representation of our world, and observing it as if from space but through an Indigenous lens.

The dots represent the many peoples, countries and communities in our world. The blue represents our oceans, and the other lines, dots and colours represent the land and peoples of all cultures and countries of the world.

The design incorporates an Islander influence with respect to the colours that have been chosen to represent the peoples of the water, or Islanders, of Australia and our Polynesian and Melanesian brothers and sisters of the South Seas and other islands around the world.

Humanity’s role as guardians and caretakers of the world is depicted through hands holding up the Earth. The dots between the hands signify that we are all connected and portray that all countries have a responsibility to care for the world. These connections highlight that during GEO Week the world comes together to discuss the use of science and technology as tools to help man achieve this goal.


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