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Earth Observations for Impact

GEO is an intergovernmental partnership working to improve the availability, access and use of open Earth observations, including satellite imagery, remote sensing and in situ data, to impact policy and decision making in a wide range of sectors.


Group on Earth Observations Canberra Declaration

Ministers endorsed the Canberra Declaration at GEO Week 2019 Ministerial Summit in Australia. View the outcomes from GEO Week here.

Our Engagement Priorities

GEO’s global priorities include the Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Action, and Disaster Risk Reduction.

Sustainable Development Goals

Earth observations play a major role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GEO is instrumental in integrating Earth observation data into the methodology of measuring indicators and achieving the SDGs.

Climate Action

Earth observations relevant to climate action are not limited to weather or climate, but are much broader and include terrestrial and socio-economic variables. GEO makes available Earth observations in support of effective policy responses for climate change adaptation, mitigation and other specific provisions, working with partners to enhance global observation systems for climate action.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Earth observations contribute to disaster preparedness and better mitigation and response. GEO supports disaster resilience by increasing coordination of Earth observations to forecast and prepare for disasters, to reduce damage and to better manage and recover from disasters.

Our Community

GEO’s 116 Member Countries and 152 Participating Organizations work together to develop and implement projects and initiatives that solve global problems.

Our Activities

Explore the GEO Work Programme to learn about the vast and varied Flagships, Initiatives and Community Activities being implemented by the GEO Community around the world.


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