The GEO Associates category enables commercial and non-governmental, not-for-profit and civil society organizations to join governments and international organizations as official GEO collaborators. GEO Associates are important partners in enabling the application and use of GEO’s global solutions at regional and local scales.

GEO welcomes, as GEO Associates, commercial organizations and national associations of commercial firms, as well as non-governmental, not-for-profit and civil society organizations with a national or sub-national mandate or scope of operations related to Earth Observations. GEO Associates must be registered in the territory of a GEO member country.

Successful candidates for GEO Associate status will demonstrate two or more years of substantive involvement with GEO, and identify their self-funded and sustained contribution to GEO.

While GEO Associates do not participate in the governance of GEO, they will join the GEO Member governments and Participating Organizations in informing the development and implementation of the GEO Work Programme, and may be invited to participate in GEO Plenaries to inform the strategic planning for GEO to meet its key objectives.

Current GEO Associates