The GEO Work Programme 2023-2025

The GEO Work Programme is the primary instrument used by GEO to facilitate collaboration among its Members, Participating Organizations, GEO Associates, and other partners on activities to realize GEO’s Mission and Vision. 

The activities that comprise the GEO Work Programme are conceived, planned and implemented by teams of researchers, technical experts, policy analysts, commercial sector representatives, and many other stakeholders to address information needs in particular domains for which Earth observations are critical. In most of these activities, the teams work to develop Earth observation-based applications, products and services to support decisions by defined sets of users. 

GEO Work Programme activities are largely funded through in-kind contributions from GEO Members, Participating Organizations and Associates on a voluntary, best-efforts basis, supplemented by financial contributions where possible. A small number of activities, the GEO Foundational Tasks, are implemented in part by the GEO Secretariat through resources contributed by GEO Members to the GEO Trust Fund. 

Each GEO Work Programme covers a fixed three-year period. The GEO Work Programme 2023-2025 was recently approved by the GEO-18 Plenary in Ghana on 3 November 2022. 

Download the GEO Work Programme 2023-2025 Summary Document, which contains short descriptions of each of the GEO Flagships, Initiatives, Pilot Initiatives and Regional GEOs that comprise the GEO Work Programme.

  • Full implementation Plan of each of the activities are available by clicking on the links below 
  • Dynamic webpages of activities are being developed and will launched in early 2023 
  • Foundational Tasks are under development and will be submitted by for approval at the GEO-19 Plenary 

Implementation Plans

GEO Flagships

WP23_25: GEO Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON)

WP23_25: GEO Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM)

WP23_25: GEO Land Degradation Neutrality (GEO-LDN)

WP23_25: Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI)

WP23_25: Global Observation System for Mercury (GOS4M)

GEO Initiatives

WP23_25: AquaWatch (AQUAWATCH)

WP23_25: Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS)

WP23_25: Digital Earth Africa (DE-AFRICA)

WP23_25: Earth Observations for Disaster Risk Management (EO4DRM)

WP23_25: Earth Observations for Ecosystem Accounting (EO4EA)

WP23_25: Earth Observations for Health (EO4HEALTH)

WP23_25: Earth Observations for the Sustainable Development Goals (EO4SDG)

WP23_25: GEO Blue Planet (GEO-BLUE-PLANET)

WP23_25: GEO Capacity Building in North Africa, Middle East, Balkans and Black Sea Region (GEO-CRADLE)

WP23_25: GEO Global Water Sustainability (GEOGLOWS)

WP23_25: GEO Human Planet (HUMAN-PLANET)

WP23_25: GEO Vision for Energy (GEO-VENER)

WP23_25: GEO Wetlands (GEO-WETLANDS)

WP23_25: Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratories (GSNL)

WP23_25: Global Drought Information System (GDIS)

WP23_25: Global Network for Observations and Information in Mountain Environments (GEO-MOUNTAINS)

WP23_25: Global Observation System for Persistent Organic Pollutants (GOS4POPS)

WP23_25: Global Urban Observation and Information (GUOI)

WP23_25: Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS)

GEO Pilot Initiatives

WP23_25: Antarctic Ice Sheet Monitoring (AIS-MONITORING)


WP23_25: Building Local Capability For Drone-based Remote Sensing To Assist With Adaptation to Climate Change in The Cook Islands (TBD)

WP23_25: Digital Earth Pacific (DE-PACIFIC)

WP23_25: Earth Observation Projects on Mitigating Pacific Islands Climate and Sea Level Change Impacts Involving Local Scientist and Organisations (TBD)

WP23_25: Earth Observations for Global Typical Karst (EO4KARST)

WP23_25: Earth Observations for multi-scale monitoring of mining impacts (EO4MIN)

WP23_25: Earth Observations for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus (EO4WEF)

WP23_25: Forest Biomass Reference System from Tree-by-Tree Inventory Data (GEO-TREES)

WP23_25: GEO Citizen Science (GEO-CITSCI)

WP23_25: GEO Cold Regions Initiative (GEOCRI)

WP23_25: GEO Essential Variables (GEO-EV)

WP23_25: Geodesy for the Sendai Framework (GEODESY4SENDAI)

WP23_25: Global Ecosystems and Environment Observation Analysis Research Cooperation (GEOARC)

WP23_25: Global Geochemical Observation Network and Digital Chemical Earth (CHEMICAL-EARTH)

WP23_25: Global Products of Common Essential Variables from Multiple Satellite Data (GEO-EV-PRODUCTS)

WP23_25: Global Vegetation Pest and Disease Dynamic Remote Sensing Monitoring and Forecasting (GEO-PDRS)

WP23_25: In-Situ Observations and Applications for Ecosystem Status of China and Central Asia (IN-SITU-ESC)

WP23_25: Night-Time Light Remote Sensing for Sustainable Development Goals (NIGHT-LIGHT)

WP23_25: Open Earth Alliance (OEA)

WP23_25: Space and Security (SPACE-SECURITY)

WP23_25: Urban Heritage Climate Observatory (UHCO)

Regional GEOs

WP23_25: African Group on Earth Observations (AFRIGEO)

WP23_25: Americas Group on Earth Observations (AMERIGEO)

WP23_25: Asia-Oceania Group on Earth Observations (AOGEO)

WP23_25: European Group on Earth Observations (EUROGEO)