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Who are we?

The Capacity Development Working Group (CD-WG) is convened to facilitate GEO’s efforts on capacity development, promoting the principle of co-creation and providing conceptual support to the design, development, implementation and evaluation of capacity development activities at various levels of intervention.

  • Support GEO Flagships, Initiatives and Regional GEOs
  • Develop CD tools and methodologies
  • Collect & share good practices
  • Organize seminars, teleconferences, side-events
  • Implement impact assessments

Governance structure

The CD-WG has two co-chairs 

Nancy Searby


Allison Craddock


  • Nancy Searby: Manager of the Capacity Building Program (CBP) for NASA Earth Science Division’s Applied Sciences Program.
  • Allison Craddock: International Association of Geodesy (IAG), GGOS External Relations Manager, IGS Central Bureau Director

The WG is coordinated by the GEO Secretariat CD coordinator:

  • Ernest Acheampong: Capacity Development Coordinator

The Working Group established 3 subgroups to assist in fulfilling its duties.

  • Subgroup 1: GEO mapping and needs assessment (lead Hanna Albrecht)
  • Subgroup 2: Collecting, sharing and developing CD tools (lead Allison Craddock)
  • Subgroup 3: Organizing dissemination events, M&E and impact assessment (lead Nancy Searby)

How to join and contribute

Membership in the Working Group is open to any individual in the GEO community. Participation is encouraged from individuals having training or experience in the development, delivery and/or evaluation of capacity development activities, or are past or potential future participants in capacity development activities.

Contact us

Please contact the GEO Secretariat: secretariat@geosec.org, or the coordinator directly: eacheampong@geosec.org

Capacity Development Resources

Training courses & materials


GEO Virtual Symposium 2020 video's & presentations

Capacity Development in GEOGLAM: Strategies, activities, impacts and lessons learned

By Andy Nelson & Alyssa Whitcraft

Capacity development approaches in GEO Blue Planet and coordination across the ocean observing community

By Sophie Seeyave

Capacity development approach for utilizing Earth observation data in Hindu Kush Himalaya

By Rajesh Bahadur Thapa

Tools and Approaches for Positive Capacity Building Outcomes

By Anastasia Wahome

Capacity Development is more than trainings - best practices in capacity building for a long-term strategy in Earth Observations

By Hanna Albrecht

Capacity Developmet Webinar Series

Find all recordings of the Capacity Development webinars here

Links, articles

CopHub.AC  It contains developed technical elements such as the Copernicus Academy Gateway, the Knowledge Landscape and the Innovation Monitor which serve the purpose to visualise the distributed expertise in various technical and applications domains and the innovation potential under several aspects. It also provides an extensive catalogue of resources of Copernicus user/success stories and training element. 

EO4GEO: The Body of Knowledge (BoK) is a formal description of the EO/GI represented by a complete set of concepts in a structured way and defines what knowledge is needed to complete a task in the EO/GI domain, and thus contributes to professional development needs but also capacity building activities. Those programmes should be grounded in the real needs of the user (being a national authority or a vertical market sector). To do this, it is necessary to identify the knowledge and skills required and map their interconnectivity in specific frameworks, which can later be used for the definition of new curricula or job-oriented learning paths.

E-shape: The EO Maturity Indicators Methodology under e-shape project aims at providing decision-makers (primarily) and other value chain actors (e.g, research institutes, companies, user communities) with a robust tool that helps them to assess the current state of Earth Observation Activities in their country. 

Digital Earth Africa webinar on Capacity Development

GEO Capacity Development strategy

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