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About us

The Data Working Group (Data-WG) is convened to work with the GEO community and with external stakeholders to address data policy, data ethics and data governance issues impacting the use of Earth observations, thereby improving the uptake of Earth observations for decision making.

The Working Group will support the translation of the Canberra Declaration into concrete actions within the GEO Work Programme. The duties of the Data Working Group are:

  • Monitor trends in international open data and data management practices, and produce trend analyses and recommendations, as appropriate, for revising the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles and the GEOSS Data Management Principles and Implementation Guidelines;
  • Continue to promote the adoption and implementation of the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles and the GEOSS Data Management Principles globally.
  • Advance discussions of critical data-related topics with stakeholder communities;
  • Recommend ways for GEO to advance the interoperability of Earth observations and complementary data, products and services; and
  • Identify, analyze, and describe best practices for, legal, ethical, privacy, intellectual property, and other related concerns with respect to the sharing and management of Earth observations data, information and knowledge resources.


Data Working Group Co-Chairs

Four co-chairs are elected, selected by and from the Data-WG members

Alena Rybkina


Anastasia Wahome


Robert Downs


Richard Moreno


Data Working Group Subgroups

  • Data Ethics: Subgroup Leaders: Stefano Nativi and Hu Lianglin
  • Law and Policy: Subgroup Leaders: Lea Shanley, Jordi Sandalinas and Derek Hanson
  • Data Sharing and Data Management Principles: Subgroup Leaders: Chris Schubert and Ethan McMahon

Contact us

Administrative support to the DWG-WG is provided by the GEO Secretariat. Contact Paola De Salvo at pdesalvo@geosec.org  for more information about the work of the DWG.


Data Working Group Reference documents


Minutes Teleconferences

Working group members

Name Affiliation
Alena Rybkina - Co-Chair CODATA
Richard Moreno - Co-Chair France
Anastasia Wahome - Co-Chair RCMRD
Robert Downs - Co-Chair WDS
Rabiu Saidu Kura Adamu - Member ACCREC
Nura Jibo - Member ACCREC
Ado Muhammad - Member ACCREC
Hilaluddeen Muhammad - Member ACCREC
Hassan Ozigi - Member ACCREC
Rabia Said - Member ACCREC
Tony Boston - Member Australia
Chris Schubert - Member Austria
Estelle Chou - Member Canada
Saeid Homayouni - Member Canada
Nathalie Levesque - Member Canada
Fraser Taylor - Member Canada
Jim Young - Member Canada
Brian Killough - Member CEOS
V.S. Prasad - Member CEOS
Macarena Perez - Member Chile
Guoqing Li - Member China
Chuang Liu - Member China
Richard Hulek - Member Czech Republic
Richard Hulek - Member Czech Republic
Edwin Berrones Salazar - Member Ecuador
Edison Bravo Chancay - Member Ecuador
Denys Raúl Maigua Paredes - Member Ecuador
Carlos Roberto Muñiz Arteaga - Member Ecuador
Henrik Andersen - Member EEA
Jean-Philippe Aurambout - Member EEA
Carsten Iversen - Member EEA
Jose Rubio Iglesias - Member EEA
Mirko Albani - Member ESA
Joost Van Bemmelen - Member ESA
Karl Benedict - Member ESIP
Erin Robinson - Member ESIP
Carlos Cassoran - Member European Commission
Massimo Craglia - Member European Commission
Stefano Nativi - Member European Commission
Zhongxin Chen - Member FAO
Lionel Menard - Member France
Nicolas Paparoditis - Member France
Carole Moussavou Mouanda - Member Gabon
Nestor Fernandez - Member GBIF
Amy Parker - Member GBIF
Sebastian Claus - Member Germany
Kamila Kabo-Bah - Member Ghana
Suchith Anand - Member GODAN
Sudip Pradhan - Member ICIMOD
Helen Glaves - Member ICOS
Siri-Jodha Khalsa - Member IEEE
Gilberto Camara - Member INPE
Geoffrey Boulton - Member ISC
Sergio Cinnirella - Member Italy
Francesco D'Amore - Member Italy
Paolo Mazzetti - Member Italy
Claudio Rossi - Member Italy
Eugenio Trumpy - Member Italy
Viacheslav K. Gusiakov - Member IUGG
Alexey Terekhov - Member Kazakhstan
Viola Otieno - Member Kenya
Ambinintsoa Noasilalaonomenjanahary - Member Madagascar
Carolina Adler - Member MRI
James Thornton - Member MRI
Lazarus Ojigi - Member Nigeria
Bente Lilja Bye - Member Norway
Marie-Francoise Voidrot - Member OGC
Muhammad Arif Rashid Goheer - Member Pakistan
Robert Chen - Member SDSN
Mukosi Mukwevho - Member South Africa
Joan Masó - Member Spain
Jordi Sandalinas - Member Spain
Godefroid Ndayikengurukiye - Member Sweden
Albert Momo - Member Trimble
Chris Jarvis - Member United Kingdom
Mariel Borowitz - Member United States
David Butera - Member United States
Marjorie Cole - Member United States
Eldrich Frazier - Member United States
Joanne Gabrynowicz - Member United States
Derek Hanson - Member United States
Jacqueline Lemoigne-Stewart - Member United States
Thomas McInerney - Member United States
Kevin Pomfret - Member United States
Lea Shanley - Member United States
Don Sullivan - Member United States
Solomon Mandongwe - Member Zimbabwe
Antony Manuse - Member Zimbabwe
Paola De Salvo - GEO Sec Rep GEO Secretariat

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