Sinergise Offers €300,000 in Sentinel Hub Services to SDG Monitoring Projects under GEO-AWS Cloud Credits Programme

News / 26 March 2019

In support of countries and organizations planning to use Earth observation data to monitor progress against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sinergise will offer use of the Sentinel Hub to all successful applicants of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Earth Observation (EO) Cloud Credits Programme.

The GEO-AWS EO Cloud Credits Programme offers GEO Member agencies and research organizations from developing countries access to free cloud services to help with the hosting, processing and analysis of big data about the Earth to inform decisions for sustainable development.

Sinergise, a Slovenian company that operates the Sentinel Hub, is working to help the GEO community optimise their use of remote sensing data and technology. They are offering service use to all interested participants of the GEO-AWS EO Cloud Credits Programme.

Sentinel Hub: Harmonized access to Copernicus and Landsat data

Sentinel Hub is a cloud-based API that provides instant access to the most commonly used satellite datasets residing on AWS, including Copernicus Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2, USGS Landsat, MODIS and others.

Through unified service access, anyone can build Earth Observation applications in a matter of days, even advanced ones like the EO Browser. In combination with cloud infrastructure and various open-source tools for machine learning, Sentinel Hub is an indispensable resource for developers of all levels.

Towards sustainable development

Satellite data is valuable only when consumed, and is most beneficial when used to monitor the planet for better management of our environment and resources.

In order to contribute to sustainable development objectives, Sinergise is committing 300,000 EUR of Sentinel Hub Services for a three year period. These credits will be distributed by GEO to participants of the GEO-Amazon Earth Observation Cloud Credits Programme who have indicated in their proposal that they wish to use Sentinel Hub services and have provided an estimate of the area to be analyzed.

Interested applicants can submit proposals until 12 April 2019. Learn more and apply.



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