Using Satellite Applications to address the Sustainable Development Goals" International Partnership Programme (IPP) webinar series.

Blog / Daniel Tse / June 23, 2021

Join the UK Space Agency’s award winning International Partnership Programme (IPP) series of regional webinars taking place online from 28 June to 14 July across Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Latin America & Caribbean, aimed at promoting our projects' capabilities and outcomes/impacts tackling on the ground climate change, agriculture, humanitarian, maritime security, and disaster resilience.

IPP is the world's largest sustainable development initiative from space, leveraging the UK space sector’s capabilities in satellite technology and data services to deliver measurable and sustainable economic, societal, and  environmental benefits in partnership with developing countries. Since 2016, IPP's £150 million initiative has supported 43 projects in 47 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, which tackle global development challenges such as climate and disaster resilience, food security, maritime safety, health, and education, whilst facilitating new trade opportunities.

Ethiopian mountain road – Clay Knight
Ethiopian mountain road – Clay Knight
Ethiopian mountain road – Clay Knight
Ethiopian mountain road – Clay Knight

Our projects are achieving sustainable change

Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu: The CommonSensing project supported disaster relief efforts through swift provision of maps and analysis reports to partners when Cyclone Harold – a devastating Category 5 storm – hit the Pacific island nations in April 2020.

Ghana and Kenya: since its inception, the Forests 2020 project has brought nearly one million hectares of forest under Earth Observation-based monitoring. The aim of this project is to protect and restore up to 300 million hectares of tropical forests worldwide by improving national forest monitoring systems.

Malaysia: the EASOS marine watch tool has helped to identify and map the trajectory of 3 oil spills, improving the response to and policing of marine pollution. Clean-up costs saved by early intervention are estimated at over £1.5 million for each of 2 identified oil spills.

Target Audience

  • Existing and new international partners, e.g. inter-governmental organisations, industry, academia, development agencies, etc.
  • Science and Innovation networks
  • Donors, funders, and foundations
  • Investors
  • UK and international government representatives working in Embassies/High Commissions
  • UK cross-government stakeholders

To register:

IPP - Asia-Pacific

IPP - Africa

IPP - Latin America & Caribbean



About the author

Daniel Tse

Daniel Tse joined the UK Space Agency as Senior Programmes Engagement Advisor for the International Partnership Programme in March 2021. Prior to this, Daniel has held previous experience working at the Department for International Trade (DIT), working with UK businesses to trade with China/HK in Life Sciences/Healthcare, the Cabinet Office and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), working out at the British-Consulate General in Hong Kong.


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