Outcomes of the GEO Climate Policy and Finance Workshop

Blog / October 1, 2021

Climate policy and finance topics are new to the GEO community, we were therefore pleased that hundreds of participants joined the GEO workshop that was held over three days from the 21st to the 23rd of September 2021.

This workshop provided GEO with a broad endorsement to further identify its contribution to climate action and its added value within the Earth observation community.

The workshop discussions highlighted that GEO Work Programme activities and GEO partners are enabling national climate adaptation, as well as mitigation, by providing actionable Earth observation data and information to governments.

The GEO community is also preparing to assess progress towards reaching the Paris Agreement’s long-term goals under the Global Stocktake process, through the application of Earth observations for aggregate assessments of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and global indicators on climate impacts.

Additionally, the workshop raised awareness of how Earth observations can strengthen the evidence base for public and private investment decisions on climate action. This is supported by an overview of ongoing initiatives by development banks, financial firms and insurance companies making use of Earth observations data and information for analysis and decision making.

During the event we officially launched the GEO Climate Finance workstream that will be implemented next year with more hands-on workshops and targeted engagements.

Workshop recordings and presentations are available at the links below. A full workshop report is being prepared and will be shared shortly.

GEO Climate Policy and Finance Workshop Outcomes Report

Day 1: EO for national climate action 

Day 2: EO for collective ambition for climate 

Day 3: EO for climate finance decisions 



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