GEO selected as a Friend of the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change

Blog / June 7, 2022

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) has been selected as one of the first Friends of the European Union (EU) Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change.

EU Missions aim to coordinate funding, research, policies and regulations in support of European Commission priorities including the environment, digital technology and health.

The Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change aims to support at least 150 regions and communities in Europe to become climate resilient by 2030. It will help these regions and local authorities to better understand, prepare for and manage climate risks, as well as to develop innovative solutions to build resilience. The Mission will receive €370 million of Horizon Europe funding for the period 2021-23.

Knowledge and data on climate risks are critical to adaptation efforts. As a Friend of the Mission, GEO will contribute by sharing knowledge and Earth observation-based solutions with regional and local authorities, as well as through the Mission Implementation Platform - a mechanism that will support and coordinate the Mission’s activities.

GEO will also seek to identify additional funding opportunities from private sector partners that could support the Mission’s objectives and scale up activities outside Europe.

The European Commission announced GEO’s selection today 7 June 2022 at the Mission’s first Forum in Brussels, Belgium, as well as the first 118 regions and local authorities that will participate in the Mission and sign its Charter.

The GEO Secretariat encourages interested authorities to fill out the Mission survey and express their needs and interest, notably on Earth observation-related support for adaptation.

For further information please contact GEO’s Climate Coordinator, Sara Venturini: sventurini@geosec.org



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