Ready for take-off: Earth Observation Cloud Credits Programme Updates

News / 24 July 2019

Discover the winning projects and status updates from the newly launched Earth Observation Cloud Credits Programme.

Last month, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the winners of the Earth Observation Cloud Credits Programme.

21 projects from 17 developing countries were awarded $1.5 million USD worth of cloud services, grants and technical support dedicated to helping researchers use, access, store and manage Earth observation (EO) data.

Following the conclusion of the review process,  grantees have started making use of their credits over the past few weeks to support their projects using EO for sustainable environmental and social development.

There has also been additional support from the Sinergise Sentinel Hub Credits programme, who have provided access to the repository of data from the Sentinel-2 Earth observation mission from the European Union’s Copernicus Programme that acquires optical imagery at high spatial resolution.

Sinergise is a software development company focused on cloud-based geographic information systems (GIS). It works to simplify the process of archiving, processing and distributing satellite imagery by integrating data into any desktop, web or mobile mapping application. Several of the projects have begun to use their software grants in addition to the Amazon Web Services.

The AWS grants provide eligible applicants up to $100,000 of credits for cloud services to help host, process and analyse large geospatial data sets for non-commercial purposes, prioritizing projects that make use of open satellite data. View the original news article for more details.

Discover the range of innovative projects in the table below.

Projects that are underway are hyperlinked to the proposals as submitted. We will be adding and updating the list as others complete the review process and begin to use the cloud computing credits.

Awarded projects

Title Institution Country Using Sentinel Hub
Brazilian Earth Observation Data Cube using AWS for Land Use and Cover Change National Institute for Space Research (INPE) Brazil  
Fire Monitoring Service Tsinghua University/China China
A Global Modeling Tool for Nature’s Contributions to People in Sustainable Development Ministry of Environment and Energy Costa Rica  
Filtered Alert Hub Toolset Cairo University, Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering Department Egypt  
Computing Groundwater Potential in Arid and Semi-arid parts of Ethiopia. Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy Ethiopia  
Capacity Building on Monitoring of SDGs Remote Sensing and Climate Center
Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute
Integrating Earth Observation Data with Censuses and Sample Surveys
to Estimate Development Indicators for India
Indian Institute for Human Settlements India  
AWS4AgriSAR-Crop inventory mapping from SAR data on cloud computing platform Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering (CSRE)
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Global Mobile Tsunami Warning System using Amazon Web Sever—A Life-Saving Platform Ikatan Ahli Tsunami Indonesia, Tsunami Research Foundation Indonesia  
agriBORA - Geodata for actionable farm intelligence Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
EO For Sustainable Development National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI, Mexico) Mexico/Colombia
South Asian drought monitoring and outlook system to support agricultural advisory processes ICIMOD Nepal  
Operational monitoring system of ground deformations in Nigeria Department of Geoinformatics and Surveying, University of Nigeria Nigeria
Spatial Agricultural Intelligence African Regional Institute for Geospatial Information Science and Technology (AFRIGIST) Nigeria  
Implementation of a service of information to monitor the degradation of Zones Marino Coastal Ministry of Environment / Direction of Monitory and Evaluation of the Natural Resources of the Territory. Peru  
Automation of processes in the cloud, for the generation of mosaics of annual satellite images free of clouds, to contribute in the generation of information on changes in forest cover. National Program for the Conservation of Forests for the Mitigation of Climate Change of the Ministry of the Environment of Peru Peru  
Air Quality Forecasting for Africa Kigali Collaborative Research Center (KCRC) Rwanda  
AfriCultuReS Decision Support System (ADSS) Community Version South African National Space Agency South Africa  
Methodology for SDGs indicators assessment Space Research Institute NAS Ukraine and SSA Ukraine Ukraine  
Deep Learning for Satellite Monitoring of Illegal Amber Mining in Ukraine Kharkiv National University Ukraine
Monitoring Rice Paddy and Flood in the Lower Mekong Basin HCMC Space Technology Application Center Vietnam



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